Hima Cement Supaset for all precast and high early strength applications


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Supaset is designed for your fast moving projects that require quick and early demolding of the formwork.

It is good for concrete classes C15 to C30 and used for precast products like bricks, blocks, pavers, drainage pipes etc



Manufactured out of carefully selected raw materials to give the cement a dark texture

It has a low water demand as well as high rapid strength gain, achieving more than 40% of designed strength within 2 days after application.

Improved turn around during production of precast

Improved productivity in precast business

It brings about rapid hardening

Durability as well as value for money for end users in precast and concrete applications.

Precast products like bricks and blocks, pavers, culverts, precast slabs, drainage plpes etc.

Normal and reinforced concrete application.

Darkened floor finishes.