Hima Cement PowerMax with superior strength for civil and structural works


It is an innovative versatile cement that combines excellent strength, consistent performance at all stages as well as assured long-term durability for concrete applications

Powermax is strategically designed as a modern cement that addresses the demands of today’s construction sector for building and structures that will outlast generations to come

It is a CEM IV type cement in the strength class 32,5N

It is characterized by good high quality early strength

It has a fast setting and bright color

It has consistent concrete performance

Flowable concrete easy to pump and place

Prevention of bleeding and shrinkage cracking in concrete

Dense impermeable concrete leading to protection of internal reinforcement from rust and carbonation tendencies

For mass concrete applications where low heat concrete is required

Foundation works for high rise structures

Special construction needs like dams, bridges, commercial structures, tunnels and water channels

Shotcrete applications